Lord Tim's music career began serendipitously. While working in London, he took a trip north to Birmingham, where he visited a club called the Moathouse. Performing that night was a new band called The Moody Blues. Lord Tim was blown away and brought the band to London to make them stars. Soon after, he got into record producing and his company, Ridgepride Entertainment, produced the Moody Blues number one world single, "Go Now."

It wasn't long until Lord Tim headed for Montreal where he launched his hit radio show "Hello Montreal... It's me, Lord Tim" on CKGM. With his English accent and rolled umbrella, the girls went wild. They thought he was a Beatle. He introduced the Stones to North America at the Maurice Richard Arena and designed the show poster. But, when winter came to Canada, Lord Tim looked south and landed a much warmer gig with KCBQ, the #1 radio station in San Diego. Because of his early days in Liverpool, Lord Tim was chosen to be the DJ to interview the Beatles on their 1965 tour and introduced the Beatles to San Diego at Balboa Stadium.

Soon after, Lord Tim moved to Hollywood to launch his show, "Where were you in 65?" the year after KFWB became the #1 station in Hollywood. He had Mick Jagger and George Harrison calling in from England with his old friend Patty Boyd regularly egging him on. Lord Tim went on to manage and produce such bands as the Lollipop Shoppe, the Common People, and the premier psychedelic band of the time, The Seeds, for which he is credited for coining the generation-defining phrase "Flower Power." Lord Tim even had his turn in motion pictures as the voice of Flapps in Disney's The Jungle Book and as the English Hipcat in the Aristocats. For the moment, he had it all... great success, girls, cars, stars, and drugs... lots of drugs. He was a long ways from his upbringing in Prestbury.