By the time the early 1970s rolled around, the Beatles were finished, the Flower Power movement had turned ugly, and the music scene had gotten soft. There just wasn't the need for radio personalities anymore, so Lord Tim began to fade away. Fortunately, serendipity called again and Lord Tim invested in Hollywood's old Highland Camrose Estate. He refurbished 14 dilapidated bungalows and painted them all the colors of the rainbow. The stars soon moved in... Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt, the Eagles, and Howard Hughes. Lord Tim used his Rock and Roll promotion in Real Estate and the estate came to be known as Timmytown. The property was later sold to the Hollywood Bowl and is now a California State registered landmark.

During this time, he met and married his Grace Kelly, Kathy Fitzpatrick, and moved to the Sunset Strip and had a daughter, River. Lord Tim and Kathy started the Horticultural Holiday in the old Errol Flynn cottage, the first organic restaurant in LA. It is now the current site of the House of Blues. Lord Tim collaged everything in sight and adorned the inside of the ladies room with the cover of Stones album "Sticky Fingers" - the one with Mick Jaggers's zipper. After he sold the restaurant, he and Kathy parted ways.

Soon after, the Queen of Hearts, Beatrice de Ballincourt, walked into his life and he fell in love again. They moved to Clark Gable's old hunting lodge in Malibu, where he painstakingly restored the lodge for a year. When he finished, the Queen of Hearts was no more. Lord Tim decided to move back to England to take care of his family property, play a bit of cricket for his village team, and to genuinely enjoy being a young man again. All was good until the California sunshine beckoned his return to California. He moved back to Malibu where he spent the remainder of the decade gardening and performing "Hudson's Theater of the Mind" radio show on KXLU, the campus radio station at Loyola Marymount.